Buz Club

Graduates Entrepreneurship Program Business Club (GEP BUZ CLUB)

“Creating a platform for Youth graduate entrepreneurs to network and turn ideas and passions into businesses and develop future business leaders.”

For many years University of Dar es Salaam has been involved in initiatives that aim at developing the entrepreneurial mindset of students as well as motivating them to start their own businesses after graduation. One of the initiatives was the establishment of a student-led organization known as the Dar es Salaam University Entrepreneurship Forum (DUEF) that aims amongst others, to promote entrepreneurial skills to students and society at large and act as an advocacy agency for more participation of youth in business activities. Membership to DUEF is to any student, faculty, and staff who are interested in entrepreneurship and business in general.

While these efforts had done well in motivating students to see self-employment as a career option, limited effort has been done to target students and staff that are already doing businesses. In recent years, DIEN has been receiving increasing number of students seeking advice on their ongoing businesses. In addition, there is an increasing number of DIEN alumni who went through the Graduate Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) training and many of these are running their own businesses. DIENhas reached 3,700 graduates in 18 regions of Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar whereas 80% of them are currently owning businesses. To serve this group effectively, DIEN is in the process of facilitating the official formalization of the GEP BUZ CLUB. Todays university continuing students and graduates are part of a critical generation that will further our economic recovery. The foundational role of start-ups in our economy makes GEP BUZ CLUB an asset to the University of Dar es Salaam that can be used as a vehicle to support youth entrepreneurship and employment in the country.



GEPBuz Club envisages sharing of expertise and business experience for enterprise development.


Coming together to boost businesses and grow.


The main objectives of GEP Buz CLUB shall concentrate on building synergy among trained entrepreneurs and business people for the promotion of entrepreneurship and business agenda among people.

The following shall be the GEPBuz Club objectives;

  • The Buz Club is a learning-by-doing environment where members can cultivate their entrepreneurship skills and utilize the UDSM main campus as a launchpad for their business ideas.
  • To create an open forum and provide opportunities for networking amongst members and other business people to interact for business purposes.
  • To create an opportunity for members to learn and connect with experienced professionals.
  • To create a pool of DIEN trained entrepreneurs who can be used to mentor other upcoming youth entrepreneurs.
  • To form a networking platform for business development among club members and business people.


The Club membership is open to all beneficiaries of DIEN services (e.g. training, incubation, mentorship, business counseling, etc.) as well as other interested parties with clear and like-minded business interests.

Membership Qualifications

  • Must be 18 years old or above. 
  • Must be DIEN trained SMEs from GEP program.
  • May be any other beneficiary of DIEN services who is ready to start and run his/her business sustainably. These may be DIEN incubatee, DUEF member/Alumni, and/or UDSM graduate who is a practicing entrepreneur.
  • Must be committed to a full-time business venture.
  • Must focus on developing further his/her business.

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Rights of Members

  • Subject to the provision of articles of this constitution, all members are equal.
  • Every member has the right to speak and express his/her views at any meeting of the Club.
  • Every member shall have the right to participate in all activities of the Club.
  • Every member shall have the right to vote and to be voted to any office of the Club as far as he/she has fulfilled the membership qualifications.
  • Every member shall be issued a membership card.
  • Every member has a right to contribute materially, ideally, and morally to the day-to-day activities of the Club.
  • Every member shall be informed on various issues undertaken by the Club.
  • In case of misconduct, a member shall be given a twenty days’ notice in writing of such misconduct within which he/she shall submit in writing to the board of directors an explanation as to why he/she should not be dismissed from the Club.

Benefits of Membership

  • Among other benefits to members of GEP BUZ CLUB, the following emanates to be the main pros;
  • Recognition, as the Club shall offer a certificate of membership.
  • Interactions, through social and business learning sessions or events.
  • Networking, through physical and online platforms and the DIEN networks.
  • Discounted services delivery among GEP BUZ CLUB members.

Organization Structure and Office Bearers

Organization Structure